Polygonal Sport Halls

Sports and Leisure:

eye-catching tent solution

Our Polygonal tent system is becoming an increasingly popular solution for covering tennis courts. This low-cost, high-performance building is often used to construct permanent tennis halls as well as multi-purpose gyms, gymnasiums and fitness centers. Polygone is a much more economical alternative to a traditional gym structure and requires an investment with smaller budgets, it can be built in a few weeks.

Indoor Tennis Court, Tennis Tent, Polygonal Tennis Hall

Our Polygonal Tent system can be customized according to your needs. Our polygon tent system can be customized using many different alternative materials.

The translucent membrane roofs offer 100% naturallighting, which helps to reduce running costs as well as to create a more comfortable and pleasing environment. Its modularity means that it can be increased or decreased in size over time. Polygonal is especially used as training facilities for soccer, tennis, handball, volleyball, ice-hockey or basketball.

From design to manufacturing, Structas will supply you with specific requirements and deliver your turnkey building in record time.

tenis çadırı, tenis kortu çadır, Endüstriyel Çadır, Spor Çadırı
Technical Details
  • anodised aluminium frame and membrane roof
  • clear span without columns
  • modular construction, expandable by 5m or 6 m  bays,
  • tennis version 18x36
  • other applications: to order
  • available with insulated roof and/or walls to limit  heating costs
  • variety of windows, doors and fittings to suit your  needs
  • dimensions meet sports federation requirements, Eurocodes


  • Customisable façades
  • Translucent or opaque roof cover
  • Insulated double roof or inflatable roof
  • Steel single sheet cladding or insulated sandwich panels
  • Internal separation walls, false ceiling
  • Pedestrian doors 
  • Insulated windows
  • Lighting, Electrical wiring
  • HVAC