Brio Plus Tent Series Tents has been designed for intense use in a busy event rental market. The Brio system offers highly efficient solutions for VIP events, parties, exhibitions, promotions as well as tailor-made storage facilities from simple to extensive.

This product gives you the ability to extend from 6m to 8m, 8m to 10m and 10m to 12m in width using the split roof beam system.

We guarantee that all our structures are tested and approved in compliance with the applicable regulations. As all system components are available for years to come, the combination and expansion options are limitless.

warehouse tent, depo çadırı, endüstriyel çadır
Technical Details
STANDARD SIZES 6                  
TYPE   8m   10m   12m
Width (m) (A)   8.00 8.00   10.00 10.00   12.00 12.00
Eave height (cm) (C)   240 300   240 300   240 300
Ridge height (cm) (D)   406 468   420 482   4.36 4.96
Truss-distance (m) (B3)   5.00   5.00   5.00
Roof slope    200   200   200
Longest component (m)   4.20   5.40   6.60
Gable pole   x x   x x   x x
Profile   130/70/3mm   130/70/3mm   130/70/3mm
PVC Membrane - Premium grade, high gloss white, PVC coated polyester fabric - UV resistant and flame retardant according to: DIN 4102 B1, M2; BS 5438/7837; USA NFPA701.
Aluminium type - Hard Pressed Extruded Structural Aluminium