19.10.2021 Warehouse Tent Warehouse Tent For Automotive Industrio MAXIMO FRAME: 300x120 Extruded 4 channel aluminum profiles used to build up structures. ROOF COVER & SIDE WALLS: PVC Membrane Serge Ferrari 602F Opaque 750gr/m2 DOORS: 2 PCS High Speed Fabric fold... See Details 18.09.2021 Iron Man events held in St.Petersburg We were honored to add value with our structures of Iron Man events held in St.Petersburg, Russia this year... Many thanks to our Russian and Belarusian Partner... Structas Delivered 20/400 x 50m Neo Basis structure to St.Petersburg on time a... See Details 12.03.2021 Greece Delivery Structas delivered 15mx25m event structures to Greece. Our EVO series modular event tent structure with transparent roof cover and side curtains serves as an event hall in Greece.   See Details 12.03.2021 IBB Logistic Warehouse Structas completed the installation of Industrio LS type warehouse for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Our 10mx40m Industrio LS type structure covered by 50mm PIR sandwich pannels. See Details 09.02.2021 Florya Tennis Halls Florya Tennis Halls Completed. This modular turn‐key project consists of 3 PCS 18mx36m structures. Cold-Formed Steel profiles used to build up structures and high-quality translucent PVC membrane rooftops used. Project delivered in 60... See Details 09.02.2021 AU Submit / Niger Niger hosted the 55th African Union extraordinary summit in Capital Niamey in July 2019. Structas was one of the key subcontractors for renovating the existing Congress Palace by adding extra spaces for meeting sessions. 6 structures with different... See Details 09.02.2021 IBB Sport Halls Cold formed steel frame covered by special cladding system and professional sport surface for harvesting future champions of Turkey. This special project designed for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and will be installed in sel... See Details