Warehouse Tent



quick and economical way to solve capacity issues...

Our Indusrio Series structures helps you to solve capacity issues in a quick and economical way, with our lightweight, aluminium frame-based tets structure.

Depo Çadırı

FRAME: 300x120 Extruded 4 channel aluminum profiles used to build up  structures.
ROOF COVER & SIDE WALLS: PVC Membrane Serge Ferrari 602F Opaque 750gr/m2
DOORS: 2 PCS High Speed Fabric folding Doors with sensors.

The Valeo story started in 1923 in a workshop in Saint-Ouen, just outside of Paris, France. Over 90
years later, it is now a world-leading global automotive supplier operating in 33 countries and partnering
with automakers worldwide. Valeo operates in 33 countries. Valeo Turkey nearly 30 years of
presence, Valeo Turkey has developed a very strong footprint and is among the largest suppliers
addressing global OEMs and aftermarket customers both in Turkey and abroad. Today, 60% of the
products are exported mainly to Europe.
Structas is proud to add value to VALEO Turkey’s global operations with its Industrio Series Warehouse